Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is why....

What an overwhelming week of staging. All of the staff at Open House has officially transformed into rock star status. Sister Ex with her over-the-top vision and shopping skills, our "Bad Ass" (the movers gave her that name...) Jodie with her problem solving skills, her late night dedication and ever inspiring conversations, Beth, our work horse and designer who will do whatever is needed to advance the ball and our newest addition Merri Ann who came in with her search and rescue skills after the boat left the dock. Here is the beauty they helped create:




All the photos have been unprofessionally shot by this Middle Sister. Staging by Open House LLC. The listing is not officially on the market yet so I am holding off on any additional information. That said, if you have $13 million dollars and in need of 8000 sq. feet this waterfront jewel could be your home. All I ask is "may I soak my aches and pains away in that fancy hot tub of yours?"

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  1. Great work ladies! The only one left out on the previous comment is the incredible Middle Sister! The best stager I know all the while handling our books, taking pics, fixing vans, blogging and so much more. You are simply amazing!