Friday, April 25, 2014

Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

The bummer of forgetting to load a chair on the truck means you have to load it in the job your own stager self. This was a trip downtown in a parking garage, on the elevator and up to the penthouse for off loading. Ugh...

The all Wise and Steady J makes it look very easy-don't fall for it. It's a big pain...

This Middle Sister should not be smiling either as we left the legs to the sofa at the warehouse. Another Ugh...

The good thing about sitting around on the job-there are plenty of chairs around for your convenience.

Often times at work we are all color coordinated. 

And it is glamorous work that we do. Always loaded to the gills at the end of the job.

Walking the streets of Seattle with our cleaning bag, light bulb bag, garbage, and left over art. I had to drop the bags I was carrying to capture this. I am telling you, nothing but glamour here as a Stager Girl.

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